Windows 10 2004

Microsoft will release another version of Windows 10 in late May. This new model of Windows as a service, means Microsoft will be pushing out changes to the operating system twice a year. These changes will allow for improved operating system security and ultimately offer more security choices to schools and businesses. The release of […]

Windows 7 – End of Life Countdown

Win 7 EOL

The 14th of January is fast approaching meaning Windows 7 is end of life. Now is the perfect time to move over to Windows 10. Contact us today to book a health check and together we can come up with a plan that will ensure your school is protected. Why upgrade: 1. It’s the last […]

How Do I: Change My Projector Settings?

Most classes have a laptop or desktop computer connected to either a large display or projector. Sometimes the settings might change and you need to check them or set them back. It’s quick and simple. It’s a simple task you need to press the Windows key & P on your keyboard then select duplicate. What […]

Microsoft Authorized Education Partner (AEP)

Today we can announce Morph ICT has gained the Microsoft Authorized Education Partner certification. To earn a Microsoft AEP, we had to complete a test to prove our level of academic licensing and market expertise. By design the AEP program provides Morph ICT continued training on Microsoft’s Academic licensing. This enables us to purchase and […]

How do I: Sign Out Of Windows 10?

A simple question but one you get asked more often than not. The simplest way to sign out of Windows 10 is: Left click the start button Left click the little gray icon or your profile picture; Left click sign out.

Change Outlooks format for messages


Sometimes when you send email from Outlook to someone who isn’t using Outlook you might find they send you an email back saying “I don’t see an attachment… all I have is some sort of winmail.dat file!” What is a Winmail.dat file? The “winmail.dat” and a content type “application/ms-tnef” files are Outlook’s way of dealing with […]

Windows 10 Free Upgrade Ends Soon

Windows 10

The Free Windows 10 Upgrade offer ends at the end of the month. The new and improved operating system from Microsoft. Provides a familiar experience for users, but with a more personalized experience that takes everything you knew about Windows 7 and 8 to the next level. It brings back the start menu, expanding the possibilities […]

Should we upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10

To upgrade or not to upgrade? Our friends at Microsoft have been pushing Windows 10 to lots of machines that are still going out to the internet to get Microsoft Updates. So the question for small schools who don’t have a School Agreement… “Should we upgrade to Windows 10“? Many small schools have only a […]

Slow Logon Times

Slow Logon Times

One of the most common issues teachers bring up is the slow logon times. This is another reason why computers don’t get turned off at night or even worse teachers leave accounts logged on and share passwords… “It takes so long to logon we just use my account. Everyone know the password for it” – Most […]

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