Interactive Whiteboard The End Off?

Interactive Whiteboard

At this years BETT we didn’t see any sings of that great class resource the interactive whiteboard or if they were on display they must have been at in the deepest darkest corner of the arena. We noticed this trend over 3 years ago when we visited BETT and found fewer and fewer interactive whiteboards being […]

Change Outlooks format for messages


Sometimes when you send email from Outlook to someone who isn’t using Outlook you might find they send you an email back saying “I don’t see an attachment… all I have is some sort of winmail.dat file!” What is a Winmail.dat file? The “winmail.dat” and a content type “application/ms-tnef” files are Outlook’s way of dealing with […]

Morph ICT has a new VAN

Everyone needs some wheels to move around and so Morph ICT has a new van. Thanks to the guys over at BrightBulb Design for the design (and patience) and the guys over at Relm Signs for fitting the van. The big green M can’t really be missed nipping around Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and up and down […]

New Look School ICT Support Website

School ICT Support

Its been a long time coming but the website has been finally given a face lift and brought up-to-date. We hope you like the look of it and that you find all the information you need. We hope that the site will help provide you with information about the services we provide for school ICT […]

Slow Logon Times

Slow Logon Times

One of the most common issues teachers bring up is the slow logon times. This is another reason why computers don’t get turned off at night or even worse teachers leave accounts logged on and share passwords… “It takes so long to logon we just use my account. Everyone know the password for it” – Most […]

Remote Support
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