How Do I: Change My Projector Settings?

Most classes have a laptop or desktop computer connected to either a large display or projector. Sometimes the settings might change and you need to check them or set them back. It’s quick and simple. It’s a simple task you need to press the Windows key & P on your keyboard then select duplicate. What […]

How Do I: Log A Ticket?

When ICT goes a little bit wrong or something just doesn’t seem right you don’t want to be spending too much time loading emails or calling. Our simple steps will help you log a ticket with us asap. The fastest way to raise a ticket with us is to use our little tool that sits […]

How do I: Sign Out Of Windows 10?

A simple question but one you get asked more often than not. The simplest way to sign out of Windows 10 is: Left click the start button Left click the little gray icon or your profile picture; Left click sign out.

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