Reduce Print Costs & Waste With PaperCut


One thing schools have in common is printing. Most if not all schools depend on printing on a daily basis this is part of everyday life. Unfortunately the cost and waste with printing is also common. How can we help reduce the impact on the environment and help keep spending down? Morph ICT recommend a […]

How Do I: Log A Ticket?

When ICT goes a little bit wrong or something just doesn’t seem right you don’t want to be spending too much time loading emails or calling. Our simple steps will help you log a ticket with us asap. The fastest way to raise a ticket with us is to use our little tool that sits […]

How do I: Sign Out Of Windows 10?

A simple question but one you get asked more often than not. The simplest way to sign out of Windows 10 is: Left click the start button Left click the little gray icon or your profile picture; Left click sign out.

Mid Week Blog

End of Term

Another week in the world of ICT and things have taken another interesting twist. Cyber attacks are on the rise and some of the big players are starting to take some heat. On a happier note, its almost the end of term and so another year comes to an end. We’ve thrown together a quick […]

Interactive Whiteboard The End Off?

Interactive Whiteboard

At this years BETT we didn’t see any sings of that great class resource the interactive whiteboard or if they were on display they must have been at in the deepest darkest corner of the arena. We noticed this trend over 3 years ago when we visited BETT and found fewer and fewer interactive whiteboards being […]

Change Outlooks format for messages


Sometimes when you send email from Outlook to someone who isn’t using Outlook you might find they send you an email back saying “I don’t see an attachment… all I have is some sort of winmail.dat file!” What is a Winmail.dat file? The “winmail.dat” and a content type “application/ms-tnef” files are Outlook’s way of dealing with […]

New Ofsted chief: ‘I want everyone to see us as a force for improvement’


New chief: ‘I want everyone to see us as a force for improvement’ In her first interview since taking over as chief inspector from Sir Michael Wilshaw, Spielman says her experience in building Ark and her later role as chair of Ofqual, the exams regulator, has given her insights into the pressures schools and teachers […]

Osborne School – New Wi-Fi Network

 Meraki Wi-Fi: This summer we have rolled out a full Meraki Wi-Fi network for our clients Osborne School. The new Wi-Fi replaces the old with a new coherent network that provides scalable infrastructure enabling both curriculum and BYOD networks throughout the school. Using the Meraki Wi-Fi Osborne School are now able to provide guest with […]

Fenton Community Primary School Digital Display

Fenton Digital Display Reception

We at Morph ICT have installed two School Digital Display’s at Fenton Community Primary School in Pembrokeshire. These screens have been installed to help provide parents and careers with the latest school news, school events. Two key areas of the school were select to ensure the best exposure. With over 500 students the school has two […]

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