School Digital Displays

Our cloud based digital display, is a drag and drop solution that lets you manage dynamic screen presentations from anywhere in the world. From any PC with an internet connection, you are able to broadcast dynamic and targeted messages to an unlimited number of digital screens in the world in real time.

What We Provide:

We provide schools with the kit they need to display messages, images and school news to visitors with a simple click of a button at a fraction of the cost of other solutions on the market.

Working with us we can custom design your digital display so it matches the look and feel of your school striving to match your website providing continuity between to the two.

The digital display is a licensed product that includes support, training and software updates for the duration of your license. Using the latest Google Android OS we are able to provide players that are small enough to sit behind already installed screens so installation is simple. For new installations, we provide a full service from design to installation.

Do you have School lettings?

Would you like to target news to the people using your building? Our solution lets us change the screens at night automatically to a different look and feel allowing you to spread the word of your schools services, up coming events.

Remote Support
For remote support please click on the button below and download our latest support tool.