Win 7 EOL

Windows 7 – End of Life Countdown

The 14th of January is fast approaching meaning Windows 7 is end of life. Now is the perfect time to move over to Windows 10. Contact us today to book a health check and together we can come up with a plan that will ensure your school is protected.

Why upgrade:

1. It’s the last version of Windows

Microsoft marketed Windows 10 as the last version of Windows they will ever make, and currently this is still true – there are no plans to launch a new version of Windows. Now it appears Microsoft’s engineering teams are focused on improving, securing the operating system to deliver the best performance and user experience possible. Regular scheduled feature updates, allow Microsoft to bring new features to you the user.

2. Speed

Do more with less. The minimum hardware requirements are small, allowing users a choice of devices at low-cost. Perfect for your school no matter your budget.

3. Your Security

The reasons to upgrade from a security standpoint alone are massive. Security has been engineered from the very start of the latest Windows 10 OS.

4. Perfect for the cloud

Windows 10 was made for Cloud services, including Office 365. Tight integration with Office 365 is obvious and will sit well with education users who use Microsoft’s Office 365 email platform.

5. It’s compatible

Windows 10 is designed to be compatible with at least 95% of applications that work on Windows 7, which means that, barring a small number of really old applications lots of common (old) programs found in schools should still run.

6. It’s familiar

Windows 10 was launched for retail customers, as a free upgrade, From an education perspective, this provides an easier transition from Windows 7 as most students and staff would be familiar with Windows 10 after using it at home.

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