Reduce Print Costs & Waste With PaperCut

One thing schools have in common is printing. Most if not all schools depend on printing on a daily basis this is part of everyday life. Unfortunately the cost and waste with printing is also common. How can we help reduce the impact on the environment and help keep spending down? Morph ICT recommend a print management solution and we like PaperCut.

PaperCut provides schools with loads of tools and if you look at it you aren’t going to use all of them but the tools you will use are the ones that you will love the most:

  1. Credential Management:
    • Each member of staff and student is given a credential (PIN number or key fob etc) that enables them to access only their documents from the printer. This gives the school business manager the tools to log and see how much each person spends on the printers. It can contribute to GDPR protection as only documents printed by that user are view-able at the printer with the correct pin. In other words teacher X couldn’t print a document on their account and ask the class LSA to get the document from the printer with their pin number as the LSA will only be able to see their print jobs.
  2. Follow Me Printing:
    • Follow me printing means that instead of selecting the “Admin Printer” or the “Key Stage 1” printer you simply select the “Whole School Printer” or “Follow Me Printer” depending on how you set PaperCut up. Then you go to any printer in the building and enter your credentials and select “Print All” or select the document you want to print from your waiting print jobs and the document is printed at that printer.
  3. Do Not Print Until Released:
    • This option saves both time and paper. You can send all of your print jobs to the printers throughout the day and not worry about collecting them until you are ready. So this means that you only have to go to the printer once and because no jobs are released without your “Say-So” you don’t need to go through the pages and pages of paper that you would normally find at the printer. If you don’t collect your documents from the printer they are normally deleted after a few hours to help reduce the load on the server. This setting can be changed to suite your school.
  4. Mobility Printing:
    • PaperCut has the ability to manage printing so printing from iOS or Android is the same as printing from a PC. Select “Whole School Printer” enter your username and password and then collect your document from any printer in the building.
  5. Scan to Email:
    • Because PaperCut knows who your users are and is able to read their data from Active Directory it is able to pull down the users e-mail. With this you can email documents that need to be scanned to either the end user or change the email address and email the document straight from the printer to the person who needs a copy.
  6. Cost Savings:
    • Different staff members and different students can be given different rules. Some good examples are:
      • Force all documents to be printed double sided
      • Force all documents to be printed in black and white
      • Do not allow the same document to printed multiple times if the same document was sent to the printer within 5 seconds of each other.
      • Do not allow A3 print jobs for students.
  7. Accounting and Reporting
    • Each type of print job cab assigned a cost value meaning that detailed reports can be run showing how much each person/department use.
    • The reporting tools can show you how many trees you have used since PaperCut was installed and how many light bulbs your printers would of powered.
  8. Error Reporting:
    • PaperCut can be configured to email a member of staff when the toner on a printer is low. This tool is great as it works along side the manufactures monitoring software:
      • PaperCut can be set to email when toner is at 10% so you or a member of the team can change the toner before it runs out;
      • Your printers manufacturer software will order a new toner when it detects the toner is at 25%
    • PaperCut will email when paper is low;
    • PaperCut will email when a printer is in an error state – helps reduce down time as a member of staff doesn’t need physically check the machine to find out its in an error. Instead they can go straight to the machine knowing its in error ready to unblock the jam or book in a service call.

For more information about how we can help reduce your paper waste or any other IT issue please contact us. We love to help you save time and money as well as do our bit of the planet with you.

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