Edge Chromium

Microsoft are well underway with work on the new Edge Chromium web browser based on the Chromium Project . With any luck Microsoft will pull out all of the stops and we should have a fully fledged Chromium based Edge browser that will replace the current lack luster “Edge Browser”. What does this mean for schools? It should mean one less browser to manage, fully manageable settings from an management point of view, one Microsoft browser that works well with Windows and all the educational packages that have moved to the cloud with the potential to no longer need to have two versions of Internet Explorer.

The browser is now in Beta and is improving all the time. Features that will be good for some people include:

  • Office 365 account sign in and sync
  • Dark Mode

With Edge being based on Chromium it might mean the removal of Google Chrome from school PC’s – A quick google search for “Stable Edge Chromium” will take you to a download page if you want to give it a try. With the release of Windows 10 1909 marked for release in November we might see packaged with the latest OS update.

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