End of Term

Mid Week Blog

Another week in the world of ICT and things have taken another interesting twist. Cyber attacks are on the rise and some of the big players are starting to take some heat. On a happier note, its almost the end of term and so another year comes to an end. We’ve thrown together a quick list of things to do before you leave for the summer.

In The News:

Kaspersky Lab one of the worlds leading anti-virus software providers is again facing new restrictions from the US government. Along with a fresh round of accusations that the antivirus makers works closely with Russian intelligence.

Petya ransomware cracked: Get password to decrypt hard drive for free. That’s right some clever person has managed to create an algorithm that can generate a password. To unlock your files that have been hit by Petya. Even better this is free! Thanks to @leostone for the work done.Andy Murray loses to Sam Querrey. Johanna Konta first British woman into Wimbledon semi-final since 1978

IT Check List:

Reset your password on the last day. So it doesn’t expire when you are away.

Bring your laptop into school and logon to the network. Some schools might license your software every X days. Avoid that annoying pop-up message when you’re having your Gin and Tonic!

Delete any unused pictures/videos from your mobile device and “Documents” folder on your PC. Help the IT guy/gal out this summer.

Archive your home drive before you go. Have a clean slate when you come back.

]If you have any files on your desktop move them to your home drive just in case your profiles are reset over the break.

Shutdown or Restart your PC every night to install any updates that may be waiting.

When you break for the summer if you can turn everything off at the wall apart from the PC. This saves the IT guy/gal walking around the entire building turning them back on.

Log any tickets (IT wise) with the help desk so they can be looked at over the summer. Nothing more stressful than coming back to a list of issues that could have been fixed over the summer.

Lock away any mobile devices that haven’t been asked for by the IT department. Summer break is normally the busiest time for tradesmen to be onsite (You never know)

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