Snap Maps

This weeks latest tech news is… SNAP MAPS.

What is Snap Maps?

Snap Maps is a new feature within Snapchat that shows you where your friends are, other users who have got a publicly accessible profile and events on a very detailed map.

Why has it made the news?

People are worried that it is a privacy risk for users as it can show you the location where a person shot the video where they are now.

What can I do?

If your a have a young class then they are more than likely already on Snapchat and know all about Snap Maps. But it might be worth explaining to them the risks of letting everyone knowing where they are. Suggest that they limit it to only friends and family. They can even go into “Ghost Mode” so no one can see them.

Check out the steps below:

  1. Load the app.
  2. When the camera loads pinch two fingers towards each other like you are zooming out to get a better look at a picture… eventually a map will appear.
  3. You will see a little avatar that is you.
  4. Our avatar (in the screen grab) has a ghost as we are set to “Ghost Mode”.
  5. To enable “Ghost Mode” click the little gear in the top right.
  6. Then check “Ghost Mode”.
  7. That’s it “Ghost Mode” is on and your guys are invisible to others. If they don’t want it on they should change their settings so only friends can see them.
    Another interesting point highlighted in this setting is “Your location updates while you have Snapchat open” . This suggests that the app will keep updating your location even when you have moved onto the next app. On an apple device and android simply clicking the “home” button hides the apps in the background it doesn’t close them…  
    • iOS double clicking the home button on the device and swiping Snapchat away.
    • Android tap the little “square” and swipe Snapchat away. 
  8. We would recommend the “Select Friends” option and select the people who are really your friends. People follow lots of stars, celebs and sometimes they even accept friend requests when they don’t really know the person. Doing it this way means you know who these people are and you should be confident that you are a little bit more protected. 

The BBC have gone into great detail yo can see their videos/articles here.

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