Mid Week Blog

A quick turn around on the mid week blog. More cyber attacks, new grammar schools scrapped Googles massive fine.

UK Parliament Cyber Attack

The UK Parliament has reported that they have been a target of a sustained attack on the parliamentary IT systems. With someone attacking usernames and passwords looking. This resulted in them taking down remote access to the parliamentary IT email system while they were off of the parliamentary network. According to the bbc and other news outlets 9,000 accounts where targeted but only 1% were vulnerable. A review is due to start to find out if any data was taken and why procedures weren’t followed regarding weak passwords and complexity.

Petya, Petrwrap, NotPetya and exPetr

A new ransomware attack has been hitting the headlines and companies over the last few days. Kaspersky Lab’s has an article up about it (here). Again this lovely bit of software uses a modified version of the EternalBlue exploit, encrypts your files and demands money in the form of bitcoin to get your files unlocked.

Google’s Gmail & a big old fine

Google has stated that by the end of the year the company will stop scanning your personal emails and then providing you with target adverts within gmail and its advertising network. Thats right google reads your personal emails. (Again proving nothing is “free”). This change will bring it in line with its payed for gmail service.

The EU’s Competition Commissioner has also slapped Google with a massive €2.4 billion (euros)  (commission press release here) fine for unfair competition. By giving illegal advantage to its own comparison shopping service.

Grammar Schools Scrapped:

The UK government has scrapped plans to lift the ban on building new grammar schools. The Education Secretary confirmed this after the education bill was “missing/dropped” from the Queen’s Speech.

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