Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard The End Off?

At this years BETT we didn’t see any sings of that great class resource the interactive whiteboard or if they were on display they must have been at in the deepest darkest corner of the arena. We noticed this trend over 3 years ago when we visited BETT and found fewer and fewer interactive whiteboards being shown… I think the only company showing them was Smart Technologies and even they said they were coming to an end in education.

interactive whiteboard

But Why? you ask?

From a technicians point of view the monthly maintenance of the interactive whiteboard and projectors are a pain. Bulbs dim over time filters need constant cleaning to keep the unit form over heating. A bumped projector throws the image and aligning them depending on the arm can be a right pain and lets not forget the retina burning for the teachers stood in front of them.

LED displays on the other hand offer… low to zero maintenance, don’t require bulb replacements, come with the alignment sorted out f the box, don’t blind your staff, don’t cast a shadow when your students are trying to use the screen to show and have the ability for multi user input.

But wait there is more… some if not all manufactures now ship these devices with companion apps that let you share whats on your screen directly to a mobile device… students can interact with the screens from their desks while their markings appear on the large format screen at the front of the class.

If you would like to find out more about interactive displays get in contact with us and we can arrange for a demo unit to brought to site to show you and your staff.

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