Osborne School – New Wi-Fi Network

 Meraki Wi-Fi:

This summer we have rolled out a full Meraki Wi-Fi network for our clients Osborne School. The new Wi-Fi replaces the old with a new coherent network that provides scalable infrastructure enabling both curriculum and BYOD networks throughout the school.


Using the Meraki Wi-Fi Osborne School are now able to provide guest with access to the internet while keeping them separated from the rest of the school network.

Using multiple Meraki Access Points the “MR18″ we managed to reduce the number of access points used throughout from 30 to 18. Staff are now able to walk from one end of the building to another without loosing their connection to the network.

The added benefit of the Meraki System are the additional features that are unlocked with the Meraki MDM – Meraki System Manager. Over the air iOS updates, tracking, app deployment, restrictions and web filtering can all now be harnessed thanks to the new hardware and software.

Osborne School

Simple Cloud Management:

Using the power of the cloud the team at Osborne are at a glance able to look for access points and clients that are connected to them. Colour icons can help highlight any issues that the dashboard might spot. Below is an example image of the map feature that shows the Access Points locations on a map.


If your school is looking to update your Wi-Fi can offer a great service that will help. No matter your budget. Just use the “Get In Touch” section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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