Fenton Digital Display Reception

Fenton Community Primary School Digital Display

We at Morph ICT have installed two School Digital Display’s at Fenton Community Primary School in Pembrokeshire.

These screens have been installed to help provide parents and careers with the latest school news, school events. Two key areas of the school were select to ensure the best exposure. With over 500 students the school has two main areas the students enter and leave. It was in these areas the screens were installed.

School Digital Display

The first screen was installed in the main reception area. The 32″ screen provides a focal point for visitors and parents while waiting. It provides the latest images from around the school and the latest diary dates.

The second larger screen a 43″ has been installed in a custom built cabinet at the senior entrance.

Both the school digital display’s provide information about up coming school events/trips and shows images from events that have been held by the school.

Using a cloud platform staff are able to edit the displays from anywhere they have an internet connection. Meaning content can be changed quickly and efficiently with a simple drag and drop interface.

If you would like to share more information with your school visitors please get in touch and we can have a conversation.

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