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Should we upgrade to Windows 10?

To upgrade or not to upgrade?Windows 10

Our friends at Microsoft have been pushing Windows 10 to lots of machines that are still going out to the internet to get Microsoft Updates. So the question for small schools who don’t have a School Agreement… “Should we upgrade to Windows 10“?

Many small schools have only a handful of computers running Windows 7 or Windows 8 and many of them don’t have a School Agreement*.

So should a small school upgrade… The free offer will soon expire and you will need to pay for the latest version of Windows.

First things first are your computers managed by the LA?

If so its worth checking with them to see if they are planning to upgrade your computers. If your computers are running Windows 7 happily then the upgrade to Windows 10 should be fine. If you want to double-check or your “IT Person” has the time install this update from Microsoft (KB3035583)

Are your computers on a domain** or workgroup***?

Most security and restrictions applied to your computer will still apply but its worth checking with your provider to make sure they are happy with the upgrade. Computers that are part of a Workgroup have been known to have some difficulty with updating to Windows 10. The actual upgrade appears to go smoothly however problems occur on occasion with accessing shared folders and rejoining the Workgroup.

Are you running the latest version of Windows Server?

The latest version of Windows Server has all of the features needed to manage the new features of Windows 10.. older server versions can still manage the new Windows but some time needs to be spent on the server to make sure it is working at its best.

Do you have Anti-Virus and other security tools installed?

Other points to remember Anti-Virus such as Sophos, AVG and vendor hard drive protection tools will tend to block the upgrade as it is seen as a change to the core files of your computer (it looks like a virus)

Besides all of the above we would suggest that smaller schools do go ahead with the upgrades and push local authorities to install the upgrades. Morph ICT can help with this we can carry out a survey before the decision is made to upgrade. Help you create a development plan and rolling program.

Larger schools that have the school agreement don’t need to rush to upgrade as the Windows 10 license is part of the agreement. If you would like to talk to us about this please get in touch via the contact form or give us a call all the details can be found here.

* The Microsoft School Agreement is a subscription based agreement that entitles schools to have the latest version of Office, Windows and some extra features added to the free to schools version of Office 365.
**Domain – A collection of computers that are connected and managed by a server. The server manages logons and folder shares and security. Users profiles and settings are normally stored on the server centrally allowing users to move to different computers.
***Workgroup – a simple method for computers to share folders and resources – normally used when users don’t move from computer to computer. The user’s computer stores the users preferences

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