Staff & Visitor Management Systems – EntrySign

Staff & Visitor Management Systems – EntrySign™

We at Morph ICT love technology especially if it helps your school run smoother. With this in mind we are now pleased to be able to offer schools EntrySign.

EntrySign is a digital visitor management safeguarding system that uses a combination of touch screen and wireless products such as the Paxton Cards or Key Fob. The system presents your visitors with basic information gathering screens such as name, car registration and who they are visiting. It also captures their signature and photograph. After they have signed in they are presented with a printed visitor label.  The member of staff they are visiting can also be emailed of their arrival.

A unique and simple to use touch screen signing in system that will revolutionise the way you welcome people to your building.

We can provide a demonstration and bring our demonstration equipment to your school to show you the true power of EntrySign.

The EntrySign system has many benefits and features designed to enhance and improve your health and safety procedures and has received universal praise from large companies and public sector organisations through to small and medium sized private businesses. – EntrySign

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