Slow Logon Times

Slow Logon Times

One of the most common issues teachers bring up is the slow logon times. This is another reason why computers don’t get turned off at night or even worse teachers leave accounts logged on and share passwords…

“It takes so long to logon we just use my account. Everyone know the password for it” – Most teachers

So how can we help with this? Some simple steps can help reduce logon times from the users point of view:

  1. Save pictures on the server where you are supposed to save them not in your accounts “My Pictures/Pictures”
  2. If you must save the pictures into your “My Pictures/Picture” delete the ones you dont need. – Will you ever need an out of focus picture or the 20 minute video of the ceiling?
  3. If you are allowed to save things to your desktop stop. Think of the desktop as nothing more than a pin board. Where you stick shortcuts or have sticky notes. An overloaded desktop will slow you down.
  4. Most schools have a shared drive. A place to store resource that will be needed by everyone. Create a class folder and put the resources for your class/group in there. Large videos, power points and other documents can sit on the server.
  5. Don’t copy your USB stick (The one you shouldn’t have) onto your folder. With 10 years of work on it. – Burn the contents to a disk and store it in a safe and secure space.
  6. Empty the recycle bin every now and then.
  7. If you save everything to where its supposed to be and know that nothing is saved in places that it shouldn’t be and you still think everything is taking to long… Ask to have your profile reset. A clean slate will help speed things up.

Things that can cause slow logon times down from a tech view:

  1. Computers have lots of rules/restrictions on them. Every time a computer boots up these rules are checked and applied to the computer. The same is true for every user. When you logon your account has rules applied. Lots of rules take a while to load and apply.
  2. Out of date computers that aren’t being updated can also case slow logon times.
  3. On mass logons: first thing in the morning you might see computers slow down with the logon times.
  4. Multiple logons with the same account – Certain files within your account can’t be edited while you are logged on somewhere else. The system will try and load these files and it takes a while. Have you gone from one class to another and noticed icons, sticky notes etc aren’t where they should be. These files are stored at logoff or logon. Then adding multi logons and different edits to the file will cause some issues.
  5. Out of date software – slows things down.
  6. Anti-Virus set to scan everything when you open or close a file will slow things down.
  7. Drop-Box and other file sharing systems store local copies on the network… Music Services like Spotify also cache music on your account.

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