Apple OS X Server

Apple OS X Server

The Problem:

Most schools are now using iPad’s but have you ever noticed how your network seems to slow down when updating an app; or that iOS update takes forever to download. Well The good people over at Apple have some software that should speed up the whole process. For roughly the same price as an iPad you can add the Apple OS X Server and hardware to your network that will speed up your whole patching process.

How it works:

When one iPad downloads an app/iOS update the server takes a copy of that file and saves it locally. Then when the next iPad looks for the app/iOS update in the App Store the Apple server will direct it to the local cache copy on site – using the schools internal network before pulling it down from the web. Doing it this way is much faster than every iPad pulling from the web.

What is Caching:

Caching in its simplest form is taking a remote copy from a remote site and storing it locally making it available on an internal network like your home or school network. Instead of downloading your updates over a 10MB connection mulitple times other devices are able to pull the update from the local server at much faster rates as home wireless networks are able to operate at a much faster rate than the broadband connection – the same applies in most school environments.

How we can help:

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