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Digital Display – Ysgol Rhydygors

We hope you have had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope your first week back at school was as productive as ours. This week saw the completion of a Digital Display installation at Ysgol Rhydygors School in Carmarthen.

Our Task:

We were set the task of finding an affordable simple to use system that would allow the staff to show of the work of the students with as little effort as possible.

Our Solution:

To do this we used a small player that sits in behind the screen and pulls down information from the internet. The great thing about this player is it also has the ability to display files from selected folders on the school network. This means that teachers are able to drop files into a single folder on the network and the player will play those new images when it next refreshes.

The player also shows the schools tweets and diary dates so visitors to the school can see whats coming up next at school.

You can select different themes to be displayed at different times of the day – great for after school clubs or sharing any information with lettings. You don’t even have to be onsite to change/update the information. You do it all through an online dashboard.

The Digital Display:

Its quick and simple to use and once its up and running provides a great tool to share information. We hope that parents and visitors to the site will get to see whats going on in and out of school. The content is refreshed often so it gives a real snap shot of the schools activities.

Digital Display

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