Surface Pro 4

Surface Pro 4

So Microsoft are about to release a new Surface Pro 4. A fast quicker unit that will enable everyone to work on the go*. Don’t panic if you have just bought the Surface Pro 3 and some accessories to go with it the word on the street is some of them will still work with the new version Surface.

What we think you can expect from the new Surface.

  • A Fanless device
  • A massive 14″ screen to one better the iPad Pro So turns out it has a 12.3″ Still not to bad. The apple Pro has a 12.9″ screen.
  • Lighter, thinner build
  • A Micro SIM card so you can keep on the go even without a Wi-Fi connection
  • The latest Intel Skylake
  • Bigger hard drive options
  • Windows 10
  • Some new features for the Surface Pen after Microsoft purchased the N-Trig technology used for the Surface Pro 3 – Below is an old video from Microsoft showing you how “Amazing” the pen is… (We like it a lot to)
  • With the introduction of the SIM card we predict even more Office 365 integration

What does he Surface Pro 4 mean for me?

  • A Fanless device – No more teachers complaining that unit makes a loud screaming noise when they have it plugged in, running 5 instances of Power Point, 20 spread sheets and watching a HD movie the students made on an iPad…
  • A massive 14″ screen to one better the iPad Pro  – No more “the screens to small to work on” come on you watch the iPlayer and read books on smaller devices…
  • Lighter, thinner build – no more complaints about lugging the device from place to place…
  • A Micro SIM card so you can keep on the go even without a Wi-Fi connection – We spoke about everyone being able to work on the go… We think this feature will only ship with some models of the tablet.
  • The latest Intel Skylake – faster, quieter and with luck better graphics from Intel
  • Bigger hard drive options – More space for all that music and digital content you listen to…
  • Windows 10 – Cortana?

Here we have another video introducing Cortana to Windows.
The release date of the hardware should be around the October 2015 mark in the US with the UK getting it a bit later.

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